Inspiring Healing with Creativity

Welcome to Deepening IFS using Sandtray

Unblending and unburdening parts and part's of parts with miniatures

Peg Hurley Dawson, LMHC, CST-S

A method to to expand your IFS skills that may accelerate healing for your clients

Peg is now sharing her experience and success with integrating her Deepening IFS using Sandtray and Miniatures work to other therapists with advanced training classes and consultations.  She finds that by staying curious, connected and compassionate with this work she is witnessing incredible, exciting and amazing client breakthroughs on a regular basis.

Ready to begin a new way to work with clients and parts?

What is Deepening IFS with Sandtray and Miniatures?

Find out more about how this modality can increase your client's connection with their parts and have more Self energy.

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Peg's Blog

Healing in the Sand

Deepening Self Connection

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Imagine the Future with Insight, Intuition and Curiosity

Opening yourself to experience your own creativity and connectedness while helping your clients unblend from their parts and heal.   

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Trainings and Consultation

Now trainings and workshops are available for therapists who would like to incorporate Deepening IFS using Sandtray with Miniatures with their clients.  

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Externalizing Parts

The most beneficial aspect to Deepening IFS with Sandtray and Miniatures in in the ability for the client to externalize their parts with the miniatures. 

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Frequently asked questions.

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